Alternatives to Drinking Red Wine

Alternatives to Drinking Red Wine

Alternatives to drinking red wine is a ridiculous title, isn’t it? As if red wine is mandatory or something. What isn’t an alternative, really? If you drink it for the taste, I guess the alternatives would be other tasty things. If you drink it because you’re thirsty, then any other drink would suffice. But what if you drink it because it is healthy? I suppose V-8 is an option, but what I’m talking about is more related to the resveratrol content of wine.

Figuring this out for your home is easy. There are many alternatives to traditional wine – even some dessert wines are super-y tasty. It’s the combination of the social part of eating and eating out itself that makes this a particularly difficult question. Few restaurants offer non-alocholic options other than beer, wine, soda, tea and hot chocolate.

If you’ve had a couple glasses and you just didn’t like the taste, then I’d say you need to search further because the taste spectrum is wide in wine. They come in so many flavors from “sweet like grape juice” to “bitter like coffee”. There are wines that don’t even taste like wine. If that’s the case, then you just need to try more wines.

Replacing the alcohol with something else is a little trickier. Obviously church communions found that grape juice was just fine. But there are a ton of gourmet juices and non-alcoholic wines to choose from. The biggest problem you’ll have here is finding them at restaurants. There really aren’t many offered commercially. Most of the gourmet non-alcoholic wines require you to be present.

And don’t forget, after dinner is obviously a good time for coffee as well.

Now, if you’re an academic who doesn’t like anything about wine then you’re going to have to venture into the supplement world. The health benefits of red wine are widely known and for the most part you can get those in supplements.

Wine is unique though in that it is protected from oxygen during 95% of the wine making process. That means you actually get to ingest antioxidants that haven’t been oxidized by the oxygen around them. To find that you’ll need to look for a supplement packaged in an hydrogen environment and individually sealed. The only good one I’ve found for that is OPC Factor.

As I noted earlier, it’s hard to find non-alcoholic options at restaurants these days. On top of that, guests and friends make it hard to be “weird” too. That’s where water comes in to play. Everyone has water, water is vital to existence and friends rarely balk at water.

For a complete look at non-alcoholic wines and gourmet juices, I’d invite you to our list at And to read more about red wine supplements, please visit our supplements page at

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