FOOD HOLIDAY: Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day

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This one’s a bit quirky.

Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day is a “food holiday” for which one purchases cheese and “sacrifices” it to a mouse trap, in order to rid one’s home of mice.

It sounds like a 19th-century British holiday to us, but we can’t find any knowledgeable references-just greeting cards to mark the occasion (see the photo).

And the holiday doesn’t make much sense: If one’s home had unwanted mice guests, wouldn’t every day be a Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day?

(As a side tip, peanut butter works much better than cheese. Clever mice can snitch the cheese from the trap, but they have to stick around to lick the PB.)


But enough about the mice. Since we have an established holiday with only scant details-which themselves are not too relevant with today’s modern housing construction-let’s reinvent it.

How would you/will you sacrifice some cheese today?

We’re going to sacrifice two pounds of it for a luscious fondue. Check out 18 different cheese fondue recipe variations.

Can’t decide what cheese to sacrifice? Check out our Cheese Glossary.


FOOD  HOLIDAY: Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day

Send this greeting card to celebrate the day.
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