Great Food and Wine in South Australia

Great Food and Wine in South Australia

If you like to enjoy the finer things in life, South Australia’s Barossa Valley has it all, with first class accommodation, art galleries offering unique and thought inspiring pieces, and natural surroundings that provide a slice of paradise.

Of course, spectacular wines and the finest of dining also come to mind, and the Barossa doesn’t fall short in this area either. Renowned for its grapes, and loved for the freshness of its produce, the uniqueness of its dishes and the dedication to a dining experience, this area confirms that you definitely don’t need to travel to Italy, or the Mediterranean to enjoy a meal.

If it’s a romantic weekend you’re after, a gourmet experience not to forget, or just a holiday with a touch of the finer things, select your perfect Barossa Valley accommodation and stay for a while.

So what’s on offer? Here’s a snapshot:

1. Wineries

One of the most renowned vineyards in Australia, Peter Lehmanns offers more than just wine — it offers an experience. A national tourism winner for best cellar door, Lehmanns is known for its quality wines, rustic buildings, and tantalising dishes.

Perhaps one of the most famous wine brands in the country, Penfolds plays a significant role in the Barossa Valley. With a number of vineyards in its collection, including Kalimna, Koonunga Hill, The Waltins and Stonewells, Penfolds is a tour all of its own, offering beautiful scenery, excellent tastings, and Magill Estate Restaurant — five star dining, paired with fine wines including mature vintage reds and the iconic grange wines. If you’re really after an experience not to be forgotten, take the entire evening’s menu under advice, and try the restaurant’s degustation menu, coupled with its more superior of wines.

In addition to other world famous wineries, such as Yalumba, the Barossa Valley offers many smaller vineyards, with a grape for every palate. If you’re eager to see a collection of wineries, visit the local information centres for a map of the area, or take it easy, and join one of the many tasting tours available.

2. Gourmet food

From pub counter meals, to luxury gourmet retreats, The Barossa Valley concentrates on fine dining almost as much as superior wines. Whether you’re visiting the famous farmers market for the freshest of produce, booking into a cooking class or a retreat dedicated to gourmet food, or staying at a local Barossa Valley hotel, you can expect to be treated not only to the best quality of wine, but also to exceptional dining experiences.

If you’re looking for a hotel meal with a gourmet twist, the Vine Inn is the perfect spot for a lunch, dinner or function. At the casual end of the scale, the Valley boasts a number of cafes or pubs dedicated to unique dining experiences at affordable prices, such as The Tanunda and The Clubhouse. At the other end, the likes of Appellation, located on the luxury vineyard retreat, The Louise, is an award winning restaurant, offering a unique, elegant and intimate dining experience.

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