Le Gourmet Seafood Shop

Ahi Tuna Steaks

Price: 9.99Coming from Hawaii or Ecuador, this sushi quality yellow fin tuna has a vibrant red color and can be eaten raw, grilled or sauteed.

Mahi-Mahi Fillets

Price: 7.99Mahi-Mahi is mild-flavored and all white meat. The fish is firm in texture and can be prepared in a variety of ways. Mahi-Mahi can be grilled, broiled, pan sautéed, or baked. Coming from the Florida waters, Mahi-Mahi can be served as either an appetizer or a main course. Mahi-Mahi fillets can be purchased for just $7.99.

Halibut Fillet

Price: 14.99Wild Alaskan halibut fillet is in season now! Halibut is prized for its delicate sweet flavor, snow white color and firm flakey meat. White Alaskan halibut is a fine source for protein, minerals, and low in sodium, fat, and calories. White Alaskan halibut fillet can be prepared in various ways. Halibut can be baked, broiled, pan sautéed or grilled.

King Salmon Fillet

Price: 17.99The Season is OPEN! Fresh, never frozen. Our ruby red wild Alaskan Coho and King Salmon fillets are the richest, healthiest, most flavorful salmon available. Coho are smaller fish and kings are larger in size. Both are seasonally available and share the same robust taste. Their meat is firm, yet tender with large flakes. Wild Alaskan salmon are a superb source of Omega 3 fatty acids as well as vitamins B6 and B12, phosphorous and niacin. Try them baked, broiled or grilled and add a tasty, healthy addition to your next meal. Great to bake, broil, and grill.

Whitefish Salad

Price: 5.99Bring home the same smoked whitefish salad that creates a creamy sensation at many New York City bagel stores and delis. Our salad is made of smoked whitefish blended with mayo and is produced for us by Acme smoked fish, New York’s leading smokehouse. This scrumptious smoked whitefish salad is great on bagels, bread, matzos, crackers and more. Add some garnish and make a beautiful presentation at your breakfast, brunch or lunch.

Kippered Salmon Salad

Price: 5.99Serve our scrumptious smoked salmon salad at your affair and watch your guests crave for more. Made with high quality kipper salmon blended with creamy mayonnaise, it is wonderful spread on bagels, breads, crackers, matzos and more. New York City’s finest bagel shops and delicatessens serve this smoked salmon salad to their discriminating clientele and now you can bring that same great taste home to your guests. Order this true delicacy today.

Smoked Norwegian Salmon

Price: 95.00Smoked Norwegian salmon are the most popular and mildest of all smoked salmon. Our pre-sliced smoked salmon sides are found in many of New York City’s best bagel shops and delis. Packed with plenty of vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids, these fresh salmon sides create restaurant-quality sandwiches and are superb in canapés, with eggs or potatoes, in salads and more

Smoked Scottish Salmon

Price: 95.00Fresh from Scotland’s icy shores come these delectable smoked salmon sides. Smoked and pre-sliced to perfection, our Scottish salmon grace the counters of New York City’s finest delicatessens. If you love Scottish salmon’s robust flavor and tender flakes, our hearty sides are gourmet must-haves.

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